• For make the order of furniture & accessories can be made on the website or if you need a special inquiry you can email
  • Order confirmation is valid for 2 (two) days.
  • For products that are in promotion, order confirmation is valid 1 x 24 hours
  • If there is no confirmation during that period, the order quotation you receive will automatically be canceled.
  • Order will be processed after payment confirmation. For orders for furniture items such as sofas, tables, beds, etc., a minimum payment of 50% of the total order value (DP) applies.


Following are the steps for making a payment via manual transfer and confirming your order:

  • Write down your invoice / order number and input it on the transfer report.
  • Payment via manual transfer is made by transfer to an account a.n XXXXX
  • After the transfer process is successful, please confirm your payment on the Confirm Payment page or by sending proof of transfer to email or via WhatsApp to 08113865688
  • After confirming your payment, you will receive a COS (Confirmation of Sales) sheet as proof of purchase. The attached COS details the order and delivery estimates.
  • Orders listed in COS cannot be changed / canceled and non-refundable.


A. Furniture

  • Production time of goods is approximately 4-12 weeks, excluding delivery time to customer’s address.
  • The delivery process is carried out after there is proof of payment of payment.
  • Delivery confirmation no later than 2 days before the goods are shipped.
  • Shipping out of town using expedition will be charged a wood packing fee of 5% of the net item price.
  • The maximum time limit for storing furniture in our warehouse is 14 days. After the specified time, the customer will be charged a storage fee.

B. Accessories & Artwork

  • The delivery process is carried out after there is proof of payment of payment.
  • Delivery of ordered goods to courier / expedition agents no later than 7-10 days after receipt of payment, outside of delivery time to the customer’s address.